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Staring a new construction of a building? or Remodeling project? Let International Empire Electric Corp help you with your next project!

With our specialized knowledge in the Commercial field,  We know the unique requirements and procedures to complete any project. let us help you complete you projects more efficiently by reducing construction time, and allowing you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars  in unnecessary/ wasted materials & labor, and at the same time enjoy the benefits of great workmanship and quality in all electrical installation  by our knowledgeable team.

Fast track-specialist, meeting project deadlines play a  very important role for a construction project to be successful. We ensure that your project is deliver on time, with out any costly delays.

With our experience in Supermarkets Stores, we can help your store in all the electrical needs from maintenance to new store construction.


We proudly serve the Commercial industry with the following services:


  • New Construction.
  • Remodel.
  • Existing Commercial Modifications & Installations.
  • Commercial Cooling Equipment Wiring & Maintenance.
  • Main Distributions Panels.
  • Feeder Circuits.
  • Brach Circuits.
  • 3-Phase Equipment New Wiring.
  • Restaurants: ANSUL- Fire Suppression System Electric Wiring.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Installations & Upgrades.
  • Temporary Back-Ups Generators For Power-Outage Connections.
  • Commercial Stand-By Generator Installation.
  • Troubleshooting & Shorts.
  • Emergency & Security Lighting.
  • Lighting Repairs & Maintenance.
  • Motor Controls.
  • Violations Removal.
  • LED lighting systems installation and upgrades.








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As an Electrical Contractor we take pride in our great workmanship, especially in the custom-homes industry. We understand that not every house is built the same but rather built to the standards of it’s owners. Because of that we take great planning to archive total home-owner satisfaction once the project it’s completed.


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