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LED Lighting Solutions

Intl. Empire Electric, Corp. - LED


LED products represent the future of the energy industry.  Unlike the fluorescent market, the LED market is becoming more efficient every day.  With energy usage approximately half of the equivalent fluorescent, with our 4 foot LED lamps comsuming only 15 watts or less, versus a standard T8 lamp which uses 32 watts and a T12 lamp rated at 40 watts, and up to ten times more efficient than standard incandescent lighting, the return on the investment can be very attractive.

Another great benefit of LED lighting is the lifetime of the product.  For example the life expectancy of 4 foot LED lamp is rated at 80,000+ hours resulting in extended periods of time without maintenance or replacement, versus the 20,000 hours of rated life of a standard T8 lamp.

It is our commitment to Excellence, and so we have partner up with AL Energy Solutions LED based in New York, NY.  Al Energy Solutions LED is a high-tech global leaders company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing of LED lighting products and energy efficiency solutions.


LED Lighting Applications


4 Foot Linear Tubes

4 Foot LED Linear Tubes








WallPacks Fixtures LED

WallPacks Fixtures LED




















High Bay Fixtures LED

High Bay Fixtures LED




















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As an Electrical Contractor we take pride in our great workmanship, especially in the custom-homes industry. We understand that not every house is built the same but rather built to the standards of it’s owners. Because of that we take great planning to archive total home-owner satisfaction once the project it’s completed.


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