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Lighting Assessment



Interested in knowing how LED lighting can impact you business in a positive way, while at the same time save you thousand of dollars in energy bills?

Intl. Empire Electric now offers a complementary lighting assessment, in which we evaluate your current lighting system, light fixtures and light bulbs and the annual energy consumption it takes to run such lighting system and we provide with a green alternative to upgrade your existing lighting system to LED lighting system and start enjoying the benefits of going green.

In such analysis, we provide you with an overview of how upgrading from old- outdated fluorescent, incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures to energy efficient LED products can provide you with the opportunity to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in electric bills and maintenance savings, since our LED lams are made to last over 80,000 operating hours VS a standard fluorescent lamps rated for 10,000 operating hours.

Our detailed report includes:

  •  Current lighting fixtures in building detailed by individual areas
  •  Annual hours that light fixtures are currently being used.
  •  Proposed LED lamp and light fixtures to be use.
  •  Annual Savings in KW and KWH.
  •  Proposed operating hours and life expectancy of new LED lamps.
  •  Annual savings in maintenance cost saved by upgrading to LED lamps.
  •  LED lamp Certification and Specs.
  •  Estimated time of completion.
  •  Total project investment amount and product warranty.



4 Foot Linear Tubes

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As an Electrical Contractor we take pride in our great workmanship, especially in the custom-homes industry. We understand that not every house is built the same but rather built to the standards of it’s owners. Because of that we take great planning to archive total home-owner satisfaction once the project it’s completed.


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