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Fluorescent bulbs come in two primary types, T8 and T12. The new T8 bulb is more energy efficient than the T12 bulbs. In addition to the standard T8 bulb. There is now the new HPT8 Systems.


What Are High Performance T8 Systems (HPT8)?

High Performance T8 (HPT8) Systems refer to a complete lighting system including the fixture, lamp, and ballast. When using T8 fixtures, HPT8 Systems provide an energy-efficient lighting solution. HPT8 Systems reduce energy costs compared to old T12 or standard T8 systems. The systems produce equivalent or higher light output than standard T8s. HPT8 Systems produce high quality light and use less energy.


How Do High Performance T8 Systems Save Money?

High Performance T8 Systems save money by reducing energy and maintenance costs compared to old T12 or standard T8 systems. The 24,000 hour average lamp life means less lamp changes then standard 20,000 hour lamps.


How Much Can I Save by Using High Performance T8 Systems?

While savings vary by application, High Performance T8 Systems typically reduce energy costs by as much as 40% compared to old T12 and standard T8 systems. In some areas financial incentives are available for HPT8 Systems.

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>>Energy Efficiency Program Information Hotline

Call 631 650 1817 for program & rebates information. Let us lower your energy bills by upgrading to High Performance T8 Systems.

You can also CLICK HERE to leave you contact information so we can contact you about PSEG Energy Efficiency Program





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