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New Construction and Remodeling



We specialize in new custom residential wiring with our knowledgeable team, making sure that every project   exceeds your standards, since our number one priority is our complete customer satisfaction. We work closely with you in every step of the project, making sure it goes smoothly and getting it completed in time, without any costly delays or mistakes, that is our guarantee!


Our highly trained employees work hand in hand with the National Electric Codes, making sure that every job completed will be a safe-installation being in compliance to the National Electric Code Book  (NEC) to ensure each job is completed to the highest standards in the industry.


We believe in our great workmanship, and take great pride in every completed job. Because of that we backed every job we complete with our 3 year warranty- because a job well-done is meant to last! Giving you a return of your investment for years to come.








As an Electrical Contractor we take pride in our great workmanship, especially in the custom-homes industry. We understand that not every house is built the same but rather built to the standards of it’s owners. Because of that we take great planning to archive total home-owner satisfaction once the project it’s completed.


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