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Employment & Career Opportunities 

Looking for Employment & Career Opportunities? International Empire Electric Corp. is always looking for new talent to join our team, from Apprentices to Master Electricians & Project Managers. Apply today below!

Electrical Apprenticeship Program 

Looking to start a new career from scratch as an Electrician? Apply for our 5-year Employer-Sponsor NYS DOL Apprenticeship Program.

What is an Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship is a time-honored approach to training skilled workers through a combination of on-the job training and classroom instruction. Each apprenticeable occupation has its own standard training outline which details the on-the-job training and classroom instruction required. Apprentices are full-time employees who produce high-quality work while they learn skills that enhance their employment prospects. An apprentice operates under the close supervision of a skilled worker on the job and takes related classroom instruction at night or on weekends. A graduated pay scale assures that salary reflects the degree of skill achieved. 

Apply Today!
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